We offer a range of special services to make life easier for you

Want to stop smoking?

We have helped many people stop smoking. Doing so gives you many immediate benefits, which increase the longer you stay free of the habit. We provide practical advice and support that really works. Talk to us today.

Healthy diets

Many people today find themselves overweight or obese. This is partly due to today’s sedentary lifestyle, and partly because they don’t know where to get advice. We can help you transform your eating habits, lose weight and feel better.

Healthy living

We can also help you enjoy a better quality of life in other areas. We advise on cholesterol, hay fever, heart conditions, asthma, vitamins, complementary medicines, skin conditions, and much more.

Medicine use reviews

If you take medication regularly, it’s important to know how you’re getting on, so that we can sort out any problems for you and ensure your prescription is exactly right for you. You can make an appointment with us to discuss this – and also ask any questions you may have about your medicine.

Delivery services for the housebound

If you, or someone you know, have difficulty getting to the pharmacy, we may be able to deliver them personally. Please ask for more details.